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Meet The Bike

Designed to be Comfortable and Robust

The Coca-Cola Zero® Bike has been selected and built by us, for simple, smooth, spontaneous trips around the cities by everyone. This means you all can get around like never before, irrespective of weather and traffic conditions.

Comfy & Height Adjustable Saddle

A padded, waterproof saddle keeps it nice & smooth. The height of the saddle is easily and quickly adjustable, for each journey, so you can be comfortable for each separate bike hire.

Protective Basket

A strong, protective frame & elastic strap let you secure a wide range of bags.

Responsive Brakes

Brake with confidence with dual levers on the handlebar and internal-drum brakes that stay unaffected by any rain and standing water on the roads.

'No Step' Gearing

Through advanced continuously variable gearing, you can constantly adjust the gearing to the cycling circumstances with a completely smooth, seamless shifting with no steps.

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes App

The Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes App - perfect for cycle adventures in the cities on the Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes, with help on station locations, bike and stand availability, route planning, as well as Account information and activity.

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