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Frequently Asked Questions

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes is a self-service bike rental service open to all from 14-years old. Stations are conveniently located throughout each city making it easy to get around on a Coca-Cola Zero® Bike, whether it is commuting to work & meetings or some site-seeing at your leisure. The Coca-Cola Zero® Bike Service consists of stations with a terminal and stands for the Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes. The Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes are locked into the stands, when a bike is hired it is released by the system. On return, the bike is locked back into a stand at any station, and the hire is then completed.

A Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes Annual Subscription is the easiest way to use the Coca-Cola Zero® Bike Service in the city - just present your card and enjoy the benefits, all year round, for just €10 year. The first 30-minutes of each hire is at no charge, for longer hires a charge applies.

For occasional short-term use or by visitors to the City, there is a convenient 3-Day Subscription option available online for just €3. The first 30-minutes of each hire is at no charge, for longer hires a charge applies.

Registration is on-line at Please complete the form with your details, with the details of a valid Payment Card, which is used for the Annual Subscription of €10, plus any additional hire charges, and kept securely to cover a €150 guarantee, if a hired bike is not returned with any 24-hour period or damaged. Create a PIN number, so you can hire a bike at the station with your card. You will then receive a Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes Welcome Pack in the post.

If you keep the bike for 3 days you will incur significant rental charges. The 3-day pass subscription allows you the use of a bike to rent over a 3-day period. However the normal rental charges apply. The first 30-minutes of each hire is at no charge, for longer hires a charge applies.

Sign in to your account on the Home page. Once you have signed in select Account on top and Manage Credit Card on the right hand side. Update your details and Register.

You account is locked because we were unable to process payments for fees owed by you for rental and/or subscription charges. This may have been because your card details have changed and are no longer up to date on our system. This may also have happened because there were insufficient funds in your account.

You can close your account by signing in on the Home page. Once you have signed in select Account on top and then Close Account on the right hand side. Select the reason you are leaving the scheme, enter your PIN and SUBMIT. Your account will be closed once any outstanding rental charges have been debited from your account.

You can report a card as lost/stolen by Signing In into your account on Select ACCOUNT and Report Lost/Stolen Card. Enter your PIN and SUBMIT. By reporting your card as lost/stolen, the system will deactivate the old card. You will then be able to order a new card which will be posted to you. A replacement card costs €5.

You need either an Annual Subscriber Membership Card or have bought a 3-day Pass on our website, along with your own personal PIN code.

Log in with either your Subscriber Access number from your 3-day Pass, provided in an SMS, or present your Annual Subscriber Member Card to the card reader on the terminal, then enter your PIN code. You then choose the Coca Cola Zero® Bike you wish to use by keying in the stand number of an available bike. You are given the code for the combination lock provided on the Coca-Cola Zero® Bike. The bike can then be removed from the stand, by pressing the unlock button on the chosen bike stand. You have 60 seconds to press the button, then 5 seconds to remove the bike, before the stand automatically locks again. Then please check the bike over, make sure it is working fine, adjust the saddle to your height and enjoy the cycle, but please cycle safely.

If you are an Annual Subscriber and you have forgotten your PIN Code, you can login to your Account on and reselect a new code.

If you have lost your PIN Code for a 3-day Pass, please go to the website and select the 3-day Pass option. Then select Edit/Cancel Subscription and then click on Forgot PIN.

The first 30-minutes of each hire is at no charge, for longer hires a charge applies

Subscription Fee
Annual Account (per City)  =  €10 3 Day Account = €3
Security Deposit of €150 required in respect of each Account
Hire Charges
First ½ hour Up to 1 hour Up to 2 hours Up to 3 hours Up to 4 hours Every extra ½ hour
No Charge €0.50 €1.50 €3.50 €6.50 €2.00

All amounts include VAT at the standard Rate.

This code can be retrieved on your Smartphone App or by calling 0818 44 44 77 as detailed on the bike's basket.

In the event of the loss or theft of a bike please call 0818 44 44 77 immediately to notify us of its disappearance. Within 24 hours of the initial hiring you will need to report the loss/theft to An Garda Síochána. You must obtain a copy of the report from the An Garda Síochána. If the bike is not recovered and the hire period concluded in the system you will be charged the €150 security deposit.

Please use a Smartphone with GPS capabilities to determine your location and to provide navigation back to a Coca-Cola Zero® Bike Station. If you don't have a Smartphone please ask for directions.

In the event of an accident and/or incident involving the bike, please call 0818 44 44 77 immediately to notify us. If you are injured or there are injured parties, please call An Garda Síochána. Please remember that you remain liable for the bike until such time as it is locked in a stand or handed over in person to a representative of the Provider on presentation of a valid Coca-Cola Zero® Bike Photo-identification card.

You'll be grand, it will soon come back to you. Just take it easy and remember to cycle safely.

The use of the Coca-Cola Zero® Bike service, does require you to know how to ride a bike. In the Terms & Conditions of use, which you must agree to, you need to declare yourself capable of using a bike and being physically fit to do so. Once you hire the bike, you are fully and solely liable for any damage caused during the hire period, once is returned.

You can use a standard Visa or MasterCard payment card.

If there is something wrong with the bike, the saddle, basket, bell, brakes, lights or the tyres let us know and we will make arrangements to withdraw the bike from service and have it repaired.

While it isn't a legal requirement, we recommend that you wear a cycling helmet and high visibility clothing. We also advise you to adapt braking distance and speed to the prevailing weather conditions.

If the closest station has no available stands, please use the terminal or your Smartphone App to locate a nearby station that has available stands.

If you don't return a bike back locked into a stand, you will be charged unnecessary hire fees. If the bike is deemed to be hired for more than 24-hours, i.e. it is not locked back into a Station's stand, you will be held liable as if the bike has gone missing and charged the €150 charge, for loss of the bike as set out in the Terms and Conditions. In the event of any issues with returning a bike correctly, please try an alternate stand or failing that call 0818 44 44 77 .

If you haven't received your Welcome Pack within two weeks of registering, let us know.

They use a NuVinci Continuously Variable Transmission system, which allows you to adjust the gearing exactly to your cycling circumstances. Using the adjuster on the handlebars of the bike, this system provides smooth, seamless gear shifting with no steps through an infinite number of effective gear ratios from low to high. Find the setting that suits your circumstances and just cycle away.

It is possible to subscribe to multiple cities as well as adding additional subscription(s) for €10 a city to an existing subscription. Log in to your account and select the ‘account’ tab and click subscriptions on the right hand menu. From this section, you can add additional cities to your Annual Subscription.

The architecture of the software for the website and mobile applications, all use APIs with full SSL-based Certification and Encryption, providing the Authentication and Authorization of the user, once an account has been created and is operational. Furthermore all communications, relating to payments are encrypted with a 128-bit SSL certificate, granted by an authorized Certification Authority, that prevents the interception of these details.

All customer passwords are stored securely in a hash and salt format, and cannot be decoded.

The data within the system is automatically backed up using RAID technology, which keeps a concurrent image of the database containing the customer details at all times. This is then archived and retained. The server infrastructure has been designed to provide the highest level of redundancy and availability, utilizing multiple bandwidth providers with failover provision.

The payment processes are provided by our payment processing partner, WorldNet TPS which is fully compliant with all relevant PCI regulations. All payment Card details are securely stored by WorldNet TPS, so these are not held with the customer account details.

PCI LogoWorldNet TPS, the PCI-DSS compliant payment technology Online Payment Gateway provider is built on proven open-source technology.

PCI-DSS is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security, developed by American Express, MasterCard and Visa Inc. Inc. International.

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes App

The Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes App - perfect for cycle adventures in the cities on the Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes, with help on station locations, bike and stand availability, route planning, as well as Account information and activity.

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