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Cycle Safely!

Helpful hints to make your cycle more comfortable and safe

  • Adjust the saddle to your waist level, you should be able to sit on the saddle and still touch the ground with your toes
  • Check the brakes and lights are working properly, and the tyres are inflated
  • Adapt braking distance and your speed to suit the weather conditions
  • At night and in bad weather, please wear reflective clothing so you can be easily seen by other road users
  • Do not transport passengers
  • We recommend you wear a cycling helmet and high visibility clothing
  • Check that the bike, in particular the saddle, is clean before use

Please cycle safely and follow the guidelines

  • Rules of the Road apply to all road users, including cyclists
  • Respect road signs and all traffic signals
  • Do not cycle on footpaths or in pedestrian zones
  • In busy areas, cycle in single file
  • Signal direction changes with the appropriate arm
  • Do not undertake vehicles. If they are turning left, they might not have seen you
  • Watch out for vehicle doors opening in your path
  • Keep to the left of the road unless specific cycle paths are provided
  • Always look out for pedestrians
  • Wearing headphones whilst cycling is not advised
  • Keep back from lorries, buses and other large vehicles at all times


Please use the following hand signals to ensure other road users are aware of your intentions.

You must always adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Use

More safety information

RSA Logo links to RSA websitePlease visit the RSA website for more information about cycling safety.

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