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Galway is a fantastic city for cyclists. There is an extensive bike path network that allows tourists and commuters alike to easily get around. We've located our Coca-Cola Zero® bike stations conveniently throughout the city to ensure the best possible experience.

  • 16 Stations
  • 195 Bikes

For more information, please click on the Bike Station pins, to find more information about each station, its location, number of available Bikes and Stands, plus get Map directions to and from the Station, allowing to make maximum use and enjoyment of your Bike hire.

For Tourists

Why not get to know the ‘City of the Tribes’ and surrounding areas with Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes? Roam freely from the heart of the city in Eyre Square to Spanish Arch and Galway Cathedral and see all the colour and variety on offer in Galway city.

For Commuters

We’ve got Galway covered for commuters with bike stations covering the rail & bus stations, Eyre Square, The Docks, Merchants Rd and the City Library. So whether you are getting to work, popping out for lunch or running an errand why not use a Coca-Cola Zero® Bike?

For Leisure

For shopping, sports or a healthy and fun family cycle use Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes to get around your city. Cycle from anywhere in the city to Galway Shopping Centre, the Sportsground, Salthill Promenade or simply head to your favorite café in the city centre. Simple.

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes App

The Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes App - perfect for cycle adventures in the cities on the Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes, with help on station locations, bike and stand availability, route planning, as well as Account information and activity.

Click to download app from Google Play Store Click to download app from the iTunes Store

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